Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Good Colostrum Quality from 2nd Milking

Is  it worth your time to check second milking from mature cows for antibody concentration? YES.

Dr. Noelia Silva-del-Rio, UC Davis Veterinary Medicine Extension specialist in Tulare CA, measured first and second milking from third or greater lactation Jersey cows. She had 134 first-milking samples and 68 second-milking samples.

43% of the second-milking samples contained IgG concentrations of 50g/L  (the industry standard for acceptable quality for first feeding).  

Given a shortage of first milking colostrum, Dr. Silva-del-Rio encourages producers to collect and test 2nd milking. 

I agree. These data suggest that nearly one-half of the time the 2nd milking will be suitable for the first feeding of newborn calves. 

Reference: California Dairy Magazine, May 2018, p16.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Feeding Hay with Calf Starter Grain

The June 2018 issue of the calf management newsletter, "Feeding Hay with Calf Starter Grain," is now available at 
http://atticacows.com/library/newsletters/CEJune2018.pdf or click HERE.

The summary bullet points are:
  • Achieve better outcomes feeding a mix of grain and hay compared to grain only.
  • If a “little” is good, would “more” be better? No!
  • Practical alternatives for including 5 percent chopped hay.
  • What if no chopped hay?