Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Milk Fresh Cows ASAP

The longer we wait to collect colostrum (first milking) from a fresh cow the lower the chances of it being high quality. Research shows:
113g/l at 2 hrs. post calving
17% IgG loss - 6 hrs. post calving (94g/l)
27% IgG loss – 10 hrs. post calving (82g/l)
33% IgG loss – 14 hrs. post calving (76g/l)
What percentage of your fresh cows are milked within 6 hours of calving?
 Moore, M et al. "Effect of delayed colostrum collection on colostral IgG concentration in dairy cows" Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association 226:8 1375-1377.
Checklist for colostrum management