Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cooked Antibodies are Just Food

My last three meetings surfaced the same issue in colostrum management. Thawing frozen colostrum was done with the hottest water available. And, not only did the calf care person use very hot water, in order to speed up the process of thawing and warming the water bath was dumped several times and refilled with very hot water.

Given the frequent absence of a thermometer on many farms I have continued to recommend the "finger-dipping" method of estimating water temperature for warming and thawing colostrum. That is, the water can be just a hot as one can stand by dipping your fingers into the water - since everyone is different we end up with water varying from high 120's to mid-130's.

Still in England today - headed off shortly for lunch at a local pub - they have a special for St. Patrick's day. Then home to consume the 5 pounds of the London paper "The Sunday Times."

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