Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Effect on Live Weight of
Transition Rations: Limited Hay vs. Ad Lib. Hay

I spent time last week using the NRC 2001 calf growth simulation software looking at the question of how calves coming off an intensive milk replacer feeding program would respond to two transition rations. Based on my field experience over the past decade or so I made some assumptions about how calves respond to weaning and pen moves. And, I estimated intakes of both grain and hay from the period of 35 to 82 days of age. The data for the graph are NOT from a research project. They come from my personal field observations.

If you click Here you can see the graph showing estimates of live weight with two transition rations in the group pens:
(1) Limited-Hay ration with Week 1 = no change from individual pen, ad lib grower grain and water; Week 2 = add 1 pound hay per day per calf; Week 2 = add 2 pounds hay per day per calf; Week 3 = Ad Lib. grain, water and hay.

(2) Ad Lib. Hay ration with Week 1 = Ad Lib. hay, grower grain and water; Weeks 2 and 3 = same as week 2. 

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