Monday, July 8, 2013

Transition Rations for Calves
Raised with Limited Milk
In June I posted a graph showing the amount of feed available for growth for calves fed an intensive or accelerated milk ration before weaning. A reader asked if the effects of the limited-hay vs. ad lib. hay rations for the transition period would be similar for calves fed the traditional 4 quarts/day of 20-20 milk replacer. 
I worked out the numbers to create the same "feed available" graph for limited-milk-fed calves. Below I posted first the feed-available graph for these calves and then below that the same graph for calves raised on an intensive milk ration. Both graphs show the "see-saw" effects of ration and pen changes on feed intake and efficiency of feed conversion.

As I have time I will post similar comparison graphs for live weights for the two populations of calves. 


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