Thursday, August 1, 2013

 First-Hand Experience Counts
Being where the action is often has great value. By this I do not mean to suggest that vicarious experience through testimony, reading, videos and any other means does not have value.
However, when we are actually present in a dairy farm situation we can engage all our senses to collect not only the information we intend to get but also many other facts as well. 
An outstanding example of this is contained in a short article, "What's Happening on the Farm" contained in the August issue of the Miner Institute Newsletter. Click Newsletter to go to that issue. 
The author actually stood in the holding and exit areas of the farm milking parlor during milking to observe cow behavior. She shares some great insights about air movement and cooling. 
I believe her experience with "first-hand" experience may have a lot to tell us about observing calf care routines on our dairies. Got to be there when calves are being moved, when calves are being dehorned, when calves are being vaccinated, when calves are being fed, etc. That is when you get the full picture. 


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