Thursday, September 5, 2013

 A Break in ID Numbers
I ducked into our in-house lab to scan the blood serum total protein numbers from the weekly samples from a local dairy.
These values are entered into a spreadsheet. These data are the basis of a report that goes to the farm every month as part of farm-wide management conference.
The vet tech started to enter the first calf ID and BSTP value. She stopped and said, "Oops, someone forgot to enter the values from last week." She spotted a break in the number series [all the calves are bled for BSTP on this farm]. Off she went to find  the bench worksheet that is used to record values as the readings are made.
This is the kind of thinking employee that every vet practice needs. This is the kind of calf care employee that every dairy needs - something is "not right." The situation triggers a "Oops"  response. And ... the calf care person does something about it rather than just shrugging it off saying, "Shit happens."
Today might be the right day to thank a person for doing a good job.

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