Thursday, February 20, 2014

Group Housing for Dairy Calves
Today I found the Penn State webinar resource on group housing for dairy calves. 
Find it HERE.  

The four presentations are:
Group Housed Dairy Calves: Why you might consider it, pros and cons (20 images)
Resource person: Jud Heinrichs
Thinking About Group Housing? Key considerations for success 10,000 ft. view from the field (52 images)
Resource person: Chris Rossiter-Burhans
Creating a Productive Environment for Calves in Group Housing (63 images)
Resource person: Dan McFarland
A Novel Approach to Confined Calf Barn Ventilation (34 images)
Resource person: Curt Gooch
Lots of ideas to toss around before making the change to group housing.

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