Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Remodeling an Old Bank Barn for Calves

I guess you probably know about bank barns built for dairy. One side of the bottom floor opens out on a barn yard. The opposite side of this floor has a earthen bank running up to the main or actually second floor of the barn. This was the original cow barn. Lots of room above for storage (originally loose hay and even bundles of wheat waiting to be threshed).

Many of them sit empty - just  tempting targets for people looking for a place to raise calves. Yet, we have to remember there is a reason they are empty. Usually the ceilings are low with lots of posts and beams necessary to hold up the barn above. Windows normally only on the side opening out into the barn yard. Usually there are doors on the ends but sometimes other structures have been added that block off the ends.

What can be done with these barns to open them up and provide adequate air exchange for a healthy environment for growing animals?

This resource from Cornell Pro-Dairy program,
reviews ways to improve the environment in this kind of barn for calves and heifers.


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