Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ice on the Truck Windshield

Yes, there was ice on my truck windshield at 6:00 am this Wednesday, May 7. My sweatshirt felt just fine. None too warm here in western New York State.

I comment on this fact to emphasize that the weather and the calendar do not necessarily go together. It may be a little too soon in some parts of the US to consider adopting "summer" practices. 

If you need to wear a sweatshirt when you start the morning feeding your calves have been burning fuel to maintain their core body temperatures. Remember during the spring season of the year it is not 2:00 PM highs that determine energy needs for the young calves but rather the 4 AM lows. 

If your calf barn has curtain walls remember to make that last check late in the day. Depending on the weather forecast these curtain settings may be important in reducing drafts on calves during the nighttime hours.

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