Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Computer-controlled or Automatic Feeder
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As part of her presentation, "Thinking about? Already Partnered with? Computer controlled calf feeders" at the 2014 Calf Congress in Rochester, NY on December 10, Dr. Chris Rossiter Burhans included an interesting list of internet links. Three of them are below - happy hunting!

2012 Progressive Dairyman articles:
What we still need to know? Four experts in the field were interviewed. These were the questions:
1. How do you think automatic calf feeders have changed the way producers develop their calf-rearing programs?2.  What’s your number one piece of advice for producers looking at the technology?
3. What has your recent research work in this subject area shown?
4. What have been challenges you’ve seen in operations with automatic calf feeders?
5. What have been the most noticeable improvements in an operation that installed automatic calf feeders?
6. What questions still need to be answered related to automatic calf feeders?

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What we have learned from our automatic feeders. The roundtable features five dairies with these questions:
1. Why did you begin looking at the technology? What factors did you consider?
2. What were some of your biggest learning curves with the automatic feeders?
3. What's the number one thing you wish you would have kown before putting in your automatic feeders?
4. What has been the biggest benefit for your operation with the feeders?

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Which automatic calf feeder is best for you?  Five company representatives were interviewed for this article with these questions:
1. Most industry contacts state that the inner workings of these machines, regardless of the company, are inherently the same. What makes your system unique?
2. What data or reports does your automatic calf feeder provide for producers? What future plans do you have in that area?
3. What future plans do you have for your automatic calf feeder? What excites you most about automatic calf feeding?
4. What advice do you have for producers exploring the technology?

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