Monday, March 23, 2015

Colostrum Antibody Concentration at
2nd and 3rd Milking

In general we know that antibody concentration goes down from milking to milking after a cow has a calf. 

Davis and Drackley (The Development, Nutrition and Management of the Young Calf, 1998, p 182) reported this concentration declining this way:
1st milking     100%
2nd milking     70%
3rd milking      40%

In a 2005 presentation at the Mid-Atlantic Conference J.H. Herbein reported somewhat similar data separately by breed: (this is a limited data set including both conventionally fed and grazed dairy cattle)

Holstein data
1st milking    100%     95g/l
2nd milking    77%     73g/l
3rd milking     45%     50g/l

Jersey data
1st milking     100%    63g/l
2nd milking     70%     50g/l
3rd milking      56%     35g/l

Bottom line
If you have a practical way to harvest and feed 2nd and 3rd milking to calves this product will do a great job of providing surface immunity in the gut of these babies. Remember this product must be collected and handled in a way that it has a low bacteria count in order have healthful consequences.

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