Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Oh, For the Lack of a Brush!

It is true that one cannot brush if you don't have a brush!

A tube feeder used for feeding colostrum to calves.

The dairy had a brush that would clean the  inside of the esophageal tube.

Someone took the brush to clean something else and did not return it. 

The inside of the tube was then not brushed - just rinsed. 

Just like death and taxes, it was a given that "gunk" would start to build up inside the tube. 

The most recent check with a ATP monitoring unit turned up a value in excess of 5,000 (standard for this equipment is less than 50). 

Oh, for the lack of a brush!

Fortunately I had an extra brush in the truck and could leave it for the dairy. It's tough to brush if you don't have a brush!

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