Monday, January 9, 2017

Miner Institute Farm Report

If you are not already receiving this monthly Farm Report from the Miner Institute now is the time to sign up for it. Just send an e-mail to Rachael Dutil at this address so she can add your name to the mailing list to receive a note each time a new issue is published. 

To see the current issue do this:

The URL is or click HERE to go there. 

Click on the drop-down item "Dairy" and then click on "Farm Report"

The January issue topics are:
  • Rethinking Fiber Dynamics and Grass Forages
  • Calving: To Assist or Not to Assist
  • A New Year's Resolution
  • Corn Hybrid Silage Trial Results
  • Use of Bulk Tank Milk Fatty Acid Data to Make Nutrition & Management Decisions
  • Blurring the Lines: Dairy Beef
  • Resolutions with Real Impact
  • Edge-of-Field Phosphorus Losses
  • What's Happening on the Farm
  • Soybeans in the North Country: An Update

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