Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Calf Articles All in One Issue

When I checked my mailbox this morning I found the May 25th issue of Progressive Dairyman. I was pleased to find articles on calves and heifers - can you believe 13 articles in one issue!

If you do not have access to the hard copy you can go to, click on the image "Current Issue."

1. Dairy Dialogue with PDmag - Just a teaser in print but a neat interview-style article on calf rearing from two Indiana calf operations - found at . The two big questions were on colostrum management and preweaned calf nutrition.

2. "Optimize starter ration management for a more successful calf program" - p62 - discusses weaning programs related to concentrate intake. Has a nice summary of data to collect to evaluate a calf management program. 

3. "Endres Jazzy Jerseys: All-in, all-out calf barn minimizes death loss" p64 - good details on all-in, all-out management.

4. "Fatty acids cushion calves from heat stress" p65-67 - great graph showing changes in calf body temperature over 24 hrs under cool, moderate and hot ambient conditions - did you know that under hot conditions calf temps peak around 10 PM? Nice sidebar "5 suggestions for improving heat stress in calves."

5. "Jersey nutrition: Small size doesn't mean small appetite" - 68 - good section on "Misconceptions"

6. "What additive are available in milk replacers and what should they do?" pp69-70 - Noah Litherland has a good summary table showing additive, mode of action and examples.

7. "Dairy replacement heifers - weaning to freshening" pp71-72

8. "Crank up your fans to improve summer calf performance" - pp 73-74 - two good practical ideas for evaluating your ventilation system. 

9. "Improve your calf health: Focus on 4 key areas" pp76-77

10. "When milk is not enough ... and it isn't for some vitamins" pp78-79 the author makes the case for supplementing whole milk with additives that boost intakes of selected vitamins (esp. D and E).

11. "Protein and bypass protein for calves and heifers" pp80-81

12. "Injectable trace minerals: Enhancing immune system response" p82 - a summary based on a presentation at the Cornell Calf & Heifer Congress 2016 "Role of Trace Minerals in Active Immunity and Respiratory Vaccine Effectives" Roberto Palomares.

13. "Are you asking the right questions regarding heifer raising?" pp85, 105 - good examples of how to do a cost analyses for both home-raised and outsourced heifers.


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