Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Value of Being Raised on a Farm

Right away you need to know that this post has nothing to do directly with animal science for managing calves.

A mom wrote this about her son, a recent college graduate, and his experiences on his first job. Click HERE to access or paste in your browser this URL
http://whminer.org/pdfs/06-17.pdf   Scroll down to the article on page 9.

For those of us who grew up working on farms it will resonate soundly with our life experiences.

By the way, it is in a really interesting  monthly report from the Miner Institute, a research and educational institution in northern New York State. It's easy to subscribe and receive it monthly. Just send an e-mail to dutil@whminer.com and tell her to sign you up for their monthly publication notice.


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Linda said...

You know growing up or being raised on a farm does sound interesting to me. With all that nature surrounding you and more active lifestyle, i am sure it must be great. Thanks for posting.