Thursday, May 21, 2020

Out of balance = sick calf

The most recent issue of the calf management newsletter is now posted online at 

The key points
  • Too many challenges and too little immunity.
  • The futile search for "THE" cause of sickness (scours, pneumonia)
  • A team approach is most likely to succeed. 
  • Links to resources on boosting immunity and suppressing pathogen expossure. 

Just a note on the prolonged lack of posting at the blog.
Our veterinary clinic closed in mid-March to everyone but the practicing DVM's. That isolated me from all my hard copy resources AND my computer. It's possible but complicated to get reliable remote access - which I now have.
In addition, after two surgeries for oral cancer (Dec. and Jan.) I had 30 sessions of radiation therapy in starting in mid-March. The doctors now say that I am cancer free but sure was tiring. 
My energy is back and I hope to post on the blog regularly. 
If you have friends that read my blog, please let that know that Calves with Sam is up and running again. 

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