Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cyrptosporidia - Cryptosporidiosis

Spell this problem "diarrhea."

Research reported in December, 2012, Journal of Veterinary Medical Association.

  • Calves studied for first 21 days of life.
  • All calves given the same challenge dose of cryptosporidia parasites on day 3. 100% were successfully infected.
  • Shedding started on average at day 7 and lasted until day 13.
  • 1/2 of calves received "conventional nutrition" 20-20 milk replacer 15% solids roughly 2 quarts twice daily.
  • 1/2 of calves received "high plane of nutrition" 28-20 milk replacer 15% solids enough more to equal a 30% increase in nutrition.
"Calves fed the high plane of nutrition had:
  • faster resolution of dirrehea
  • maintained hydration
  • grew better, and
  • converted feed with greater efficiency
than the calves fed conventional nutrition." (p1518)

An aside: With this severe challenge the conventional nutrition calves actually lost weight during the trial while the the high plane of nutrition calves gained an average of one pound a day!

Bottom Line: Calves with more energy and protein available in their milk replacer ration were better able to deal with the crypto infection than calves with a limited ration. 

Note: December calf raisers newsletter, Calving Ease, is now posted at

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