Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Delivering Milk at Calf Body Temperature
As I am writing this note the windchill outside is 6F. 
How about a list of tips on delivering milk at calf body temperature during cold winter weather? You will find this list developed at Miner Institute in Chazy, NY at Tips for delivering a warm meal.
 During cold weather I often had to change my feeding routine, as well. Recall that I was feeding calves in hutches in western New York. Anytime the windchill approached Zero rather than leaving the barn with my Gator loaded with all 90 gallons of milk replacer I had to load just one 30-gallon barrel of milk replacer at a time. Go out and feed this to calves, come back in to get a second barrel of approximately 110 degree milk replacer, repeat until all calves were fed. 
Ideas for feeding more energy during cold weather may be found at Feeding More Energy.
If you are not already using calf blankets you may want to review this resource sheet
Bundle up and keep warm. 

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