Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bacteria counts in Colostrum
I received bacteria counts for three colostrum samples:
#1 Collected 4/18, fed to a heifer 4/20  Standard plate count=140cfu/ml, all fecal coliforms.
#2 Collected 4/15, fed to a bull 4/20 Standard plate count=25,680cfu/ml, 80 fecal coliforms, 25,600 other gram negatives.
#3 Collected 4/15, fed to a bull 4/20 Standard plate count=27,190cfu/ml, 1,430 fecal coliforms, 25,760 other gram negatives.
Standard for acceptable bacteria levels in colostrum? I like to see less than 5,000 gram negatives. Dr. McGuirk from Wisconsin is more liberal with a 10,000cfu/ml gram negatives. 
First, it looks like the 4/18 to 4/20 interval works well. Second, it looks like the 4/15 to 4/20 is not working well - excessive bacteria growth.
Maybe samples #2 and #3 had higher inoculation rates?
Maybe samples #2 and #3 had conditions more favorable to post-collection growth?      

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