Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ventilation, Ventilation, Ventilation
Phone call yesterday, "Calves are sick. We are treating half a dozen new cases every day."
Group housing, ad lib acidified milk feeding, curtains on both sides of barn on east and west sides, positive-tube mechanical ventilation.
First thing to note today is that curtains are all the way up in spite of 40+ temperature [It is raining with a steady 5-10 mph wind from the west]. Yes, both the west and east curtains are all the way up. If you look up you will not see the positive ventilation tubes. Although they arrived last fall they have not been installed.
Good quality air does not just happen. It takes effort. Like lowering the east curtain. Like installing the positive air tubes.
Why is it that sometimes I feel as if I am shouting down a well when delivering recommendations?    

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