Wednesday, October 2, 2013

EZ Nursing Bottle with a Peach Teat
A client called yesterday. They use the 3-quart nursing bottles sold by Milk Specialties with the name "Advance E-Z Nurse." These bottles work well with their bottle holders. However, they wanted to take advantage of Peach Teat technology. If you are unfamiliar with Peach Teat technology click Peach Teat .

Our in-house problem solver came up with this solution. This is a picture of the original equipment - 3-quart E-Z Nurse bottle, white screw ring and nipple.

He removed the screw ring and sat the nipple on a wooden cutting board. Using a very sharp utility knife he separated the nipple from its base. The cut was as vertical as he could make it.
The opening in the ring is close to the diameter of the retaining collar on a Peach Teat. Thus he could snap the ring and Peach Teat together. 
All that remained was to attach the modified nipple assembly to the bottle with the white screw ring.
  We have another satisfied client.
I advised the client to monitor this assembly for milk residue buildup where the two parts come together. That appears to be the only weak point in this innovative adaptation.

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Unknown said...

We Also use the 3Qt EZ Nurser - but we simply use the Peach Teat bottle cap and nipple - as they have the same threads..... much easier in our opinion.