Monday, March 3, 2014

Antibodies in Colostrum Keep Bacteria from Growing?

I am reporting this with a straight face. Believe it or not. The dairyman tells me he doesn't worry about how he handles his colostrum. He said, "My colostrum is so high in antibodies that the bacteria won't grow in it."

I am not pulling your leg. Does he think antibodies are a disinfectant or something?

Somehow here we have a basic disconnect about antibodies. Recall that in plain terms antibodies identify and neutralize objects that are foreign to calves bodies such as bacteria and viruses.That's their job in the immune system. As such they do keep bacteria from multiplying inside the body of a calf.

I suppose that might be where this person got the idea that antibodies keep bacteria from growing. The part he missed entirely is that antibodies are part of the body's immune system - they work inside calves, not in pails of colostrum.

Maybe I will be inspired in the next week or two and come up with some very clear way to explain how antibodies work so even this guy will understand that he really does need to follow best management practices when handling his colostrum to control bacteria contamination levels. 

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Annette said...

enjoyed this story...Always like looking at your blog when i can...