Friday, February 10, 2017

Links to Calf Management Information

I just finished posting this new resource in the Calf Management Library. At this location the hyperlinks will work.

Note the link to AHDB resources in UK. I copied the text below. The links in this text do NOT work.

Links to Calf Management Information

We love to promote our own website, For a calf management library of resources click HERE or type in this address:
There are 158 (mostly 2-pages long) resources on many, many calf management topics listed in alphabetical order by title. There is also a search box in upper right hand corner if you only know a topic. For example, the most cost effective way to clean nursing bottles and tube feeders.

Also, the most recent 5 years of the calf management newsletter, Calving Ease, are posted as “Calf Management Newsletter.” A recent issue, June 2016 Preventing Navel Infections (click HERE or type in this address:

If you like to BLOG, you can go to the “Calves with Sam” blog on calf management ideas by clicking HERE or typing in this address:

Dr. Jim Quigley maintains a calf management library of 191 resources notes at He lists by topic (colostrum, weaning, calf starters) and has a search box to find notes by subject.

The University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine supports a dairy calf resource site that includes helpful checklists and observation forms. Click HERE or type in this address: A good example is their “Calf Health Scoring Chart” that I use on all my farm visits.

Other sites? Usually ones from universities and are non-commercial and have reasonably unbiased reports. From United Kingdom, click HERE for another perspective on calf management.

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