Thursday, February 2, 2017

Salmonella is Always a Challenge

This calf management newsletter was published back in February 2013. I wrote it after consulting with a dairy having a Salmonella outbreak. Click HERE to access this issue. Or, go to, and under Resources select calf management newsletter, click on Feb 2013.

The content supplements that of the most recent calf management newsletter (February, 2017). It includes several ideas not mentioned in the most recent letter. 

The bullet points of this letter are:
  • Prevention works! Maximize resistance through excellent colostrum management and well-fed calves.
  • Prevention works! Minimize exposure to salmonella at birth, in feed, housing and care givers.
  • Consistent care encourages good gut motility and discourages salmonella attachment in the gut.
  • All-in, all-out housing helps break infection cycles.
Let's all hope these resources remain of just an academic interest. Only once did I have do deal with a full-blow Salmonella outbreak. Once was more than enough. 

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