Thursday, February 28, 2019

Energy in Calf Starter Grain

Recently reported research (Quigley, J.D. and Others, "Estimates of calf starter energy affected by consumption of nutrients, 2. Effect of changing digestion on energy content in calf starters." Journal of Dairy Science 102:2242-2253 March 2019) suggest a caution for those of  us using the NRC 2001 standards for estimating gains for calf rations. 

Quigley and others suggest that "current estimates of energy in calf starters fed to 4 month of age may overestimate contribution of dry feed to overall energy metabolism in young calves." p2242.

I read this as cautioning us to take the gain estimates with a bit of caution [sometimes phrased, "with a grain of salt] when including significant amounts of calf starter grain in the ration.

We all look forward to the publication of new standards.

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