Thursday, October 3, 2019

Damp Cold Weather = Health Challenges

Damp cold weather often means health challenges for young preweaned calves. One way we can deal with this heightened challenge environment is to increase resistance to pathogens. 

At you can find a checklist of ways to achieve this increased resistance.
Go to the web site and scroll down the alphabetical list to this title: (remember that you can toggle back and forth between American and Metric versions with a choice at the top of the site)
Healthy Calves: Increasing Resistance to Pathogens - Checklist. 

1.    Selecting procedures for excellent colostrum management
2.  Selecting an good ration for preweaned calves
3.  Selecting weaning methods that maintain high resistance to disease
4. Selecting a farm-specific vaccination program based on the risk of pathogen exposure (selections made with the advice of the herd veterinary surgeon)

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