Thursday, October 10, 2019

Getting Better Calf Starter Intake

"Getting Better Calf Starter Intake" is the title of the October 2019 issue of the calf management newsletter. The key points in the letter are:
·        Begin with a calf starter grain that calves want to eat.
·        Offer only a handful of grain to youngest calves until they begin to eat it.
·        Change grain frequently for youngest calves – mid-day gets them up.
·        Usually, the higher the volume of milk offered, the later calves will begin to eat calf starter – even at late as three weeks of age.
·        At least once a week, dump all the grain buckets and start over – especially important in hot and damp weather.
·        If facilities permit, separate grain and water pails to reduce “slopping” water into grain pails.
·        Clean free-choice water is necessary for good calf starter intake.

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