Saturday, December 19, 2015

Colostrum Bacteria Control
8 Practical Steps to Reduce Bacteria Counts

This is the title of a new colostrum resource in the Calf Facts library. Access is at or by clicking HERE.

Here are the eight steps covered in the new resource checklist:
Step 1. Clean teats in the parlor. 
Step 2. Clean milker buckets including lids, valves and gaskets. 
Step 3. Clean pails into which to pour colostrum as it is harvested. 
Step 4. If milker buckets or pails are in the parlor, clean covers are used for every bucket before, during and after use. 
Step 5. Prompt feeding of fresh colostrum 
Step 6. Prompt cooling of colostrum if it is to be stored. [Did you see the new resource highlighted in the previous Blog on colostrum cooling?]
Step 7. Clean containers for feeding and storing colostrum. 
Step 8. Prompt feeding of warmed up colostrum.

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