Saturday, December 26, 2015

Dehydration - A Calf Killer

Dehydration is a common issue among calves suffering from scours or diarrhea. The new resource sheet with tips on dealing with dehydration is now on the web site. To access click HERE.

  • Why do calves get dehydrated? 
  • Preventing dehydration is more cost effective than treating it. 
    • 1. Reduce pathogen exposure. 
    • 2. Increase immunity to pathogens. 
    • 3. Feed free-choice water. 
  • Treating it requires timely measures appropriate to the degree of dehydration. 

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not your ordinary farmer said...

Land O' Lakes makes a terrific electrolyte product. It is not inexpensive, but it sure is better than the bicarb based products we had used before. the LOL product is acetate based. Try it. You'll like it!!!!!!!!