Monday, December 14, 2015

Pooling Colostrum

Should the dairy keep separate the colostrum from individual cows? Or, should colostrum be blended together or what we often call, "pooling?"

The new colostrum resource is now posted at or access by clicking HERE.

Colostrum: To Pool or Not To Pool? 

  • Pooling combines colostrum from two or more fresh animals. 
  • How? When? 
  • Advantages 1. Less time in parlor 2. Less space needed to store colostrum. 3. Less time cleaning equipment 
  • Disadvantages 1. Increased risk of spreading diseases carried in colostrum. 2. Increased risk of coliform contamination from the parlor. 3. Increased risk of passive transfer failure. 4. Increased risk of coliform contamination in stored colostrum

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