Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Calves Absorbing Sodium from Electrolytes

In a summary article about calf electrolytes Geof Smith, D.V.M., recently outlined facts about sodium absorption in preweaned calves suffering from diarrhea. 

"The calf must be able to absorb the sodium that you provide. Even in calves that have diarrhea and intestinal damage, there are three major pathways for sodium absoption: glucose, volatile fatty acids (such as acetate or proprionate), and neutral amino acids (such as glycine)."

He points out that you can check your electrolyte label for glycine or acetate.

Of the three electrolytes we stock here at the vet clinic all three contain glycine and one contains both glycine and acetate.

An interesting article, "Keeping Ahead of Calf Diarrhea" by David Rhoda, D.V. M. is available by clicking Hoards-Rhoda or adding this URL to your browser
Reference: Geof Smith, "Choosing the right electrolyte." Hoard's Dairyman, April 10, 2018, p219

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