Friday, May 4, 2018

Temperature of Colostrum

It seems so simple. Feed colostrum at calf body temperature (103F, 30C). 

Why bother with temperature? When the temperature is significantly below calf body temperature the rate of abomasal emptying is depresssed. Cold colostrum sits in the abomasum longer than it should and this lowers the rate of antibody transfer into the blood. Not good. 

Adding a simple probe-Taylor Precision Products Anti-Microbial Instant Read Thermometer (1-Inch Dial)type rapid-read thermometer to your tool kit (about $6-10) can make monitoring feeding temperature simple.
It' easy - fill nursing bottle with cold colostrum, put on the nipple, stick probe through the vent hole.

If you, like me, has to wear glasses in order to read the dial it may help to use a tag pen to make are mark at 103F so it is easy to read without one's glasses. 

Reference: Mokhber-Dezfooli, M.R. and Others, "Effect of abomasal emptying rate on the apparent efficiency of colostrum immunoglobulin G absorption in neonatal Holstein-Friesian calves." Journal of Dairy Science 95:6740-6749

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