Monday, May 7, 2018

Requirements for an Effective Electrolyte for Calves

In a summary article about calf electrolytes Geof Smith, D.V.M., recently outlined four requirement for effective electrolytes:
" 1. Supply enough sodium to rehydrate the calf.
2. Provide glycine or acetate to help with the absorption of sodium in the intenstine.
3. Provide an alkalizing agent that wll correct the drop in blood pH (acidosis) that happens when calves develop diarrhea.
4. Provide energy, as most calves with diarrhea are in a state of negative energy balance."

A useful guide on scours (diarrhea) management in calves may be found here Scours - Hoards or use this URL in your browser 

Reference: Geof Smith, "Choosing the right electrolyte." Hoard's Dairyman, April 10, 2018, p219

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