Monday, January 18, 2016

Feeding Transition Milk to Young Dairy Calves

What milk is “Transition” milk? The very first milking is fed as “first-feeding” colostrum to newborn calves. Most commonly the milk from the second, third and fourth milking is called “transition milk.” 

There are some dairies that include the fifth and sixth milking as well. It can be blended with any first-milking that is either too low in antibodies to feed at first feeding or is excess. 

If colostrum is not checked for antibody concentration some farms put all of their heifer colostrum into this pool as well. 

This new resource at looks like this:

Feeding Transition Milk and Colostrum To Young Dairy Calves 

  • How to make feeding transition milk practical 
  • Advantages of feeding transition milk and colostrum 
  • Disadvantages of feeding transition milk and colostrum 
This new resource can be found at with the title, "Transition Milk Feeding."
The link is: 

Or, click HERE

Related resources on colostrum are in the Calf Facts resource library  - the resource sheets are arranged in alphabetical order - just scroll down to the twenty-four colostrum entries.

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