Thursday, January 7, 2016

Mixing Milk Replacer - Getting It Right!

A new guide for mixing milk replacer is now available at It can be accessed by clicking HERE. An outline of content appears below.

Mixing Tips for Milk Replacer 
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mixing temperature, amount of powder and volume of water. 
  • Have a written recipe [so many calves = so much powder and water]. 
  • Use scales to measure milk replacer powder. 
  • Calibrate containers rather than estimating water volume. 
  • Make a calibrated measuring stick for mixing. 
  • Use a thermometer to get the right temperature mix. 
An additional resource is the December issue of the calf management newsletter - go to this issue by clicking HERE. The title is "Mixing Milk Replacer: Are You Using Best Management Practices?" 

If you do not already receive an e-mail when a new issue of the calf management newsletter is posted on-line, send an e-mail to with subscribe in the subject line. 

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