Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Scours: What is a "Normal" Treatment Rate?

When greeting a calfcare person on a farm I always ask, “How are the calves doing?” I hear about the ones that are doing well and ones that are doing poorly. That’s life.

I get suspicious, however, when I hear about quite a few scouring calves and the person adds, “But, that’s normal.” 

What is the person telling me about the situation today? That fifty percent of the calves with scours is the usual state of health? Or, is the person telling me that this situation is “just the way life is expected to be. It can’t be changed.” Or, both? 

A new resource sheet at discusses:
1. What is a "normal" rate of treatment?
2. Are scours inevitable or preventable?
3. What is the best treatment goal for my farm?

The link for this resources is or click HERE to go there. 

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