Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January issue of calf management newsletter

The January 2016 issue of the calf management newsletter, Calving Ease, is now posted at the www.atticacows.com web site. Access by clicking HERE.

Key points:
  • Types of cold stress (hypothermia).
  • If in doubt, use a thermometer! 
  • Prevention always works better than treatment. 
  • Treating mild hypothermia. 
  • Treating severe hypothermia – always consult with your veterinarian for the best protocol for your dairy. 
Other notable ideas:

Remember, conditions that seem warm to people are often enough colder than a newborn calf’s body and can result in hypothermia. Hard delivery or dystocia calves often suffer from hypothermia.

Calves that  survive severe hypothermia - remember that their body defense systems have been significantly weakened. Observe these calves closely for the next few weeks for symptoms of diarrhea and pneumonia

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